Stress & IVF

June 6, 2017

We’ve all heard the familiar catch cry that stress can reduce your chances of becoming pregnant. It turns out that tension, stress and worry don’t impact your chance of getting pregnant. But in the long term they will certainly impact quality of life and general health. This is the conclusion of a 2011 British-based study led by Jacky Bovin at Cardiff University.

The analysis included findings from 14 studies with 3583 women undergoing a cycle of IVF treatment. Prior to treatment the women were assessed for anxiety and stress. At the completion of the cycles, data was compared between the women who achieved a pregnancy and those that did not. It became clear that varying degrees of psychological distress was not a factor in achieving a pregnancy.

While this is good news for those couples who are worried about worrying, it does not alleviate the fact that IVF treatment can be a harrowing experience coupled with uncertainty and heartbreak. Preparation is critical in dictating how you will cope during this time and at Bulk Bill IVF we strive to ensure that your emotional and physical needs are met. Of course there will be days that will be very hard but with the right support in place, it is possible to go through it feeling positive and hopeful.

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