Bulk Billed*
We really want to see you have a family, so at Bulk Bill IVF we only bill you the rebate amount from Medicare Australia! IVF CYCLE​.....You pay $0*
Individual Care
We provide individualized care and attention for every patient during their journey to parenthood. We offer comprehensive testing to determine the causes of male and female infertility, and we specialize in IVF.
Specialist Doctors
Just because your IVF treatment is bulk billed doesn't mean you should get lower skilled doctors. In fact: Bulk Bill IVF has access to some of the best IVF doctors in Australia!
Lab Tech
We offer our clients the latest in fertility technology and comfort. Our goal is to make you happy parents without the price tag.

Bowen Hills and North Lakes

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Bulk Bill IVF is a program provided by Life Fertility Clinic and was Queensland's first bulk billed IVF Clinic.

All Medicare item codes associated with your IVF treatment costs will be bulk billed. The only out-of-pocket costs you can expect to pay will be for your medication and procedure room fees.

We also have a donor sperm program available.

For an appointment, simply call or send us an enquiry.

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Pregnant Best IVF
Mother and Baby IVF

BULK BILL IVF will not compromise your outcome. Our science is powered by Life Fertility Clinic based in Brisbane. BULK BILL IVF maintains excellent pregnancy rates and is an Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Free Clinic*. Our revolutionary programme maximises success rates and minimises risk with state of the art science and laboratory techniques.


*At Bulk Bill IVF we will bill you the rebate amount with Medicare Australia

*Some optional IVF techniques may incur additional costs

*Medications requiring PBS scripts costs not included