Introducing Harry and friends

June 6, 2017

To minimise risks to our patients all IVF/ICSI cycles at Bulk-Bill IVF are ‘freeze all’ cycles. This means your embryos are grown to the blastocyst stage following egg collection and then all suitable blastocyst stage embryos are placed in storage for use on a subsequent cycle.
Harry and Hermione (and the rest of the gang) are home to hundreds of frozen sperm samples, eggs and embryos. They are specialised storage vessels that are designed to store samples in liquid nitrogen, keeping their temperature at -196 degrees Celsius, until they are needed.
When we freeze embryos for you at Bulk-Bill IVF your embryos are stored in one of these tanks until you are ready for your frozen embryo transfer. Harry and his friends are monitored by our scientific staff as part their ongoing quality assurance activities to ensure their precious contents remain safe.

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