Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for IVF/fertility treatment?

Bulk Bill IVF makes IVF more affordable and accessible. The largest fee for service called the global fee is sent directly to Medicare (you have no out-of-pocket cost). The majority of your IVF cycle fees are bulk billed, as are consultations with the Doctor & Nurses (no fee to yourself).


Typically, the only out of pocket costs you will have are for treatment room fees for egg collection and medications – this will total approx. $900-$1,020.

Is there a preferred weight/BMI limit for IVF?

We treat patients who have a BMI of 40 and below through our Bulk Billed IVF Program.  However, we do not have a BMI restriction of our Full Service Fertility Treatment Program through Life Fertility.

Do you have an age cut-off for IVF treatment?

Age is the single biggest factor affecting a woman’s ability to achieve a pregnancy and have a healthy baby – either naturally or through IVF.


IVF Treatment through our Bulk Billed Program is therefore only available to women who are 45 years of age or younger (at the time of egg collection).


However, if you are over 45, you may be suitable for IVF treatment through our Full Service Fertility Treatment Program at Life Fertility. In which case we recommend you book in for a consultation with our Medical Director Dr Glenn Sterling to find out what may be medically suitable for you.


Please be aware that there have been no known IVF births in women aged 47 years or older who have used their own eggs in treatment. We do however have Donor Egg and Surrogacy Programs associated with our Full Service Fertility Treatment Program, and we recommend an appointment with Dr Sterling if you would like to discuss these alternative options.

If I have had fertility treatment elsewhere, do I need to obtain my records?

Yes, if you have had prior treatment this information is very useful. You will be able to obtain a copy of these records from your previous treatment doctor. Clinics in Australia (as part of the Privacy Act) are required to provide a copy of medical records to patients when requested.

Do you have donor sperm available at Bulk Bill IVF?

Yes, we have anonymous donor sperm that you can access while undergoing Bulk Bill IVF. There is an additional cost of approximately $1,890 for this service, and terms and conditions apply.

Can Bulk Bill IVF help if my partner has had a vasectomy?

Yes, Bulk Bill IVF can help you to achieve pregnancy even when your partner has had a vasectomy. We offer testicular aspiration to retrieve sperm (TESA/PESA).

Do you offer SKYPE doctor’s appointments?

Yes, Bulk Bill IVF does offer SKYPE doctor appointments. If you live in a remote or regional area (Medicare specifies the locations that are eligible). These appointments are rebated to Medicare. (No out of pocket costs to you).

Do you offer SKYPE nurse consultations?

Yes, Bulk Bill IVF does offer SKYPE nurse appointments. There is no charge for these appointments.

Can Bulk Bill IVF help if I have blocked tubes / tubes tied?

Bulk Bill IVF can help you achieve pregnancy if you are suffering from blocked fallopian tubes i.e. infertility because of tubal factor. or you have had your tubes tied.

Does my partner need a semen analysis?

Yes, your partner will require a semen analysis. This will be performed along with the routine tests requested by Bulk Bill IVF.

Do I need to have a pelvic Ultrasound?

Yes, you will need to complete a pelvic ultrasound. This will be performed along with the routine tests requested by Bulk Bill IVF.

Do I need a Pap Smear?

Yes, you will need to have completed a Pap Smear within the last two years. You should ask your GP for a copy of this to send to Bulk Bill IVF along with your referral letters.

Do I need blood tests and who requests these?

You and your partner will need to complete blood tests, a pelvic ultrasound for you and a semen analysis for your partner. It is preferable that these be ordered by Bulk Bill IVF. Please do not ask your GP to order fertility tests, as the tests required by Bulk Bill IVF are quite specific.

Do you offer a discount to pensioners or patients who have a Health Care Card?

The global fee for an IVF cycle with Bulk Bill IVF is claimed directly from Medicare (no out of pocket fees). However if you have a Health Care Card you will be eligible for a reduced fee for your prescriptions.

How do I obtain the medications I require for my fertility treatment?

After you have had a consultation with one of our doctors, the medications will be ordered for you by Bulk Bill IVF from our dedicated pharmacy. These can be collected at our clinic, or if you live outside Brisbane they can be couriered to you directly from the pharmacy.

Do I need private health insurance?

You do not need private health insurance as your egg collection can be performed under local anaesthetic in Bulk Bill IVF’s dedicated theatre. Our procedure room fee is $500. Alternatively, you may choose to use your private health insurance if you wish and be treated under a sedation anaesthetic at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.

What do I do if I have questions about my cycle or any clinical questions?

You will be given a dedicated phone number to call one of our fertility nurses once you commence treatment. This number can be called for any clinic questions. Please call 07 3606 3135 for general enquiries, to make appointments and any billing questions.

What type of anaesthetic is used for procedures? What are my options?

To make IVF more affordable, your egg collection can be performed using local anaesthetic in our dedicated day theatre at Bulk Bill IVF. However, if you have private health insurance you may choose to use this and be treated at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital using sedation anaesthetic.
Please confirm with your private health insurer that you are covered for fertility and reproductive treatment.

What happens to my belongings while I am having an egg collection?

Please feel free to leave your belongings, handbag etc with one of our friendly receptionists.

Are there fees for storing embryos remaining from my cycle?

Bulk Bill IVF does not charge for the first year of storage. After one year (from the day of egg collection), if any remaining embryos are not used for subsequent cycles, a fee will then be applied and due. The fee as at 1 June, 2017 is $400 per year or part thereof.

When I receive cheques from Medicare what should I do with these?

You will receive cheques from Medicare. These cheques are made out to Life Fertility Clinic and are to be returned to the clinic via post, or if you are returning for further treatment in the near future you can deliver these to the clinic at this time.

How do I organise my next cycle?

If you require additional cycle/s treatment contact one of the fertility nurses on the dedicated line, or send an email to:

Can I have two embryos returned to my uterus in one cycle?

Bulk Bill IVF undergoes an annual audit with the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC). Bulk Bill IVF is not permitted under our licensing agreement to return more than one embryo in a cycle.

How will I know that I am pregnant after transfer and what do I do?

At the time of your frozen embryo transfer you will be given two pathology requests to have blood tests performed in two weeks’ time, to confirm a result.
BBIVF nurses will advise you of your result…

Negative result - advised of options going forward

Positive result – booked for a early pregnancy scan at 6.5 to 7weeks to confirm viability. At this consultation you will be returned to your GP for pregnancy monitoring and obstetric referral.

What is the Extended Medicare Safety Net (Safety Net)?

The Medicare Safety Net provides a higher Medicare benefit for out of hospital costs. Your doctor’s visit will still cost the same, but Medicare will give you a higher benefit back.
You must meet certain rules before you’re eligible for Medicare to pay a Safety Net benefit.
Medicare calculates the Safety Net on a calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.
If you’re registered as a family or couple, Medicare combines your medical costs so that you are more likely to reach the thresholds sooner.

Do I need to register for Medicare Safetynet?

If you’re a couple or part of a family, you need to register’.

How do I contact Bulk Bill IVF?

Please Call  07 3606 3135  for making appointments and general enquiries.

Should you have any clinical questions you will be given a dedicated phone number to call one of our fertility nurses.