IVF Costs

Bulk Bill IVF - Brisbane's lowest cost IVF is available in Spring Hill or North Lakes

We are proud to be Brisbane's most affordable IVF provider, with the lowest out-of-pocket costs of any IVF provider in Queensland.


All your IVF cycle fees and doctor consultations are bulk billed.


Typically, the only out-of-pocket costs you have are a treatment room fee (for egg collection and embryo transfer) and medications – this will total approx. $900-1,020.


If you require donor sperm you will have an additional cost of approximately $2,000. This includes the cost of donor sperm, a coordination fee and the ICSI procedure.

What are the steps and costs involved with Bulk Bill IVF?

1. Contact Bulk Bill IVF

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please phone or message our friendly team. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange your appointment with one our Fertility Doctors.

2. Fertility Doctor Appointments

Your first consultation will be with one of our experienced and caring Fertility Doctors. They will review your medical history and discuss your suitability for IVF treatment. All our Fertility Doctors are friendly and approachable and will answer any questions you may have. After you and your partner have had some fertility tests you will return for a second appointment with a Fertility Doctor to discuss your results and plan your treatment. Cost: Bulk Billed

3. IVF Nurse Appointments

Our experienced fertility nurses will ensure that you are prepared for your treatment.  IVF Cost: Bulk Billed

4. Monitoring your Cycle

Your nurse will coordinate monitoring of your cycle to maximise your success IVF Cost: Bulk Billed

There are some costs for medication - these are around $100-$200 (less if you have a Health Care Card)

5. Egg Collection

Egg collection will take place in our procedure room at St Andrew's Place. By using oral analgesics and local anaesthesia, your costs are minimised. Treatment room fee is $570 (includes disposables, local anaesthetic).

6. Embryo Freezing

Your embryos are cultured and will be frozen at the Blastocyst Stage.

When you reach day 1 of your next cycle, we will help you prepare for a frozen transfer. IVF Cost: Bulk Billed; 

7. Preparation for Embryo Transfer

After a period, you will take estrogen tablets to prepare for embryo transfer. IVF Cost: Bulk Billed (Some medications will be required to be purchased from a chemist at the cost of a regular script)

8. Embryo Transfer

Your embryo transfer will be scheduled when the uterus has been prepared with progesterone. IVF Cost: Bulk Billed; Treatment room fee is $250.

9. Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test will be arranged about 10 days after your embryo transfer. Your doctors appointment will be made on the same day to discuss your ongoing management.  IVF Cost: Bulk Billed