Bulk Bill IVF offers a moderate stimulation treatment plan at an affordable cost.

June 6, 2017

On average your ‘Antagonist’ cycle will take 14 days to Egg Retrieval. Your embryos will be created and frozen on day 5 or 6 after egg retrieval at ‘Blastocyst’ stage. ‘Ovarian Hyperstimulation’ is prevented by administering an ‘Agonist’ ‘trigger’ 36 hours before the egg retrieval.
Once your next period arrives you are able to proceed with your ‘Frozen Embryo Transfer’ cycle and plan for a pregnancy.
Procedures such as ‘ICSI’ ‘TESA’ (Testicular biopsy) ‘Assisted Hatching’ and ‘Embryo Glue’ are available on the Bulk Bill program at an additional cost.
BBIVF offers Local Anaesthetic for your Egg Retrieval procedure for a low fee.

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